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Sickness & Distress

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10/10/2019 Deputy Supreme Governor Walt Meek underwent neck surgury and is recovering at home.

9/20/2019 Jess Ramirez - Is recovering and the formal Pilgrim Conferral Service for our new Pilgrim Jess Ramirez will be held on October 13, 2019 at 1:00PM. This event will be held at the Rancho Cordova Moose lodge at 10124 Coloma Road in Rancho Cordova. Phone # 1-916-362-6667. Brother Ramirez was injured in a car accident and has now recovered well enough to participate in this special service in his honor on 10/13. A food service will be provided by the lodge.

9/20/2019 Pilgrim Bob Sypnieski - He entered a local hospital on 9/22 for an operation on my left Carotid artery that was delayed until after the Reno convention. This became much more serious because the blockage was worse than expected with bad results possible. Good news is that he survived the operation and is now home, He does have a recovery time ahead of him.

9/17/2019 Pilgrim Mark Klein is now home from the hospital following his second hip replacement operation. He also has taken a bad fall and broke four ribs in the process.Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery now.

8/3/2019 Pilgrim Ruffner Gunn III was hospitalized late last week due to a stroke. While he was there they did some other tests and found that he was also suffering from Stage 4 prostate cancer. This is a very serious situation for him and his family to endure now. We were also advised that he was sent home on 7/29 and is now under hospice care. Let us all remember Ruffner and his family in our thoughts and prayers at this time.  Get well cards can be sent to him at:  P.O. Box 431   Rio Vista, CA 94571-0431.

Pilgrim Roger€ Roberts fell on July 4th and broke his hip. It has been repaired successfully at the hospital and he is at a rehab center now. I talked with him earlier today and he is doing okay, the rehab work is set to begin on Monday, 7/15. He stated that it will be a long term rehab schedule and difficult. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers for a full recovery now. Get well cards can be sent to him at his home address that is: Roger Roberts, Sr.   864  49th Street    San Diego, CA 92102

This committee rep is the primary contact for you to report any pilgrim illness and more importantly, the passing of a pilgrim. We will then coordinate with the family and local lodge reps to handle any requested memorial services or other needs. Thanks in advance for your valued support in the future.
Contact info: Robert Sypnieski.
530 718-0857.


Bill Thompson CNMA Recognition Award

Bill Thompson receiving CNMA Award

Ray Rangel
Deputy Supreme Governor, Central 2019-2020


Walt Meek
Deputy Supreme Governor
North 2019-2020

Ron Popper
Deputy Supreme Governor
2019-2020 South


 Supreme Lodge appointments:

• Cheryl Volden to the WOTM Grand Council
• Walt meek, Ray Rangel and Ron Popper as Deputy Supreme Governors
• Past Supreme Governor Milt McGinnis to the Pilgrim Council
• Past Moose Legion Ambassador Chuck Barber to the Moose Legion Council
• Derrick Morris to Moose Heart of the Community
Moose International Top Association Awards:
• California/Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) ranked 5th in membership reporting and 7th in membership production.
• Premier Lodge Awards. CA/NV had 19 Lodges that were awarded this honor.

1. Napa
2. Placerville
3. Mira Mesa
4. Sunnyvale
5. Big Bear
6. San Jose
7. Fresno
8. Rancho Cordova
9. Pacifica
10. Anaheim
11. Pismo Beach
12. Gridley - 1st time winner
13. Temecula Valley
14. Paradise - 1st time winner
15. Delta - 1st time winner
16. Garden Grove
17. Lodi
18. Buena Park
19. Yuba City
20. Placerville
Congrats to all the Lodges, Chapter Officers and Members.

2018-2019 District Presidents

#1 Mitch Williams   510-769-0518
#2 Wally Spillman   530-592-7825
#3 Frank Plexico  586-556-9998
#4 Roddy Myers  530-300-8503
#5 David Kean  707-372-3679
#6 Edward Walsh   510-332-4308
#8 Vince Sabean   209-576-7499
#10 Sam Allen  415-260-3018
#11 Dave Hurst   805-704-6182
#12 Roger Cowan  661-303-9990
#13 Glen Rogers  661-948-4945
#14 Marc Russo   805-689-3430
#15 Mike Hennesey  818-472-2475
#16 Rev Mark Dickey 424-237-0513
#19  Juan Rosales  562-686-6667
#21 John Lavery    714-887-9166
#22 Ken Sprague   760-240-3400
#23 Mike Vincent   858-566-6749
#24  Charles Rusk  702-884-2120
#25 Kerry Risenhoover     810-962-9148



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