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CNMA President’s Project 2021-2022
The President’s Project is a new program this year and runs for the President’s year. This program will fund projects at Mooseheart, Moosehaven or Camp Ross and supports our kids and seniors. This year we are funding the Pods in the Mooseheart Cafeteria. The pods are the table and chairs for the kids we support. As always it is tax deductable.So please send your contributions to Moose Charities and put in the memo block CNMA Lunch Room Pods.  Please help us make a difference and support the project.
All CNMA Fraternal Units, Councils of Higher Degree, Districts, Lodges. Active Committee’s and Individual Members are encouraged to support this Association Sponsored Project.  As always our Affiliated Fraternal Units, Chapters and Moose Legion Jurisdictions, are welcome to join us if they wish to make a donation.

Thompson, B P1 sAny questions, suggestions or ideas to improve our website are encouraged. Send your committee reports, Lodge/Chapter events, pictures, etc. to me

Bill Thompson,
(530) 713-8874)


Sickness & Distress

     sickmoose           Have sickness & distress that should be posted. Please e-mail the information Click Here:


This committee rep is the primary contact for you to report any pilgrim illness and more importantly, the passing of a pilgrim. We will then coordinate with the family and local lodge reps to handle any requested memorial services or other needs. Thanks in advance for your valued support in the future.
Contact info: Robert Sypnieski.
530 718-0857.
E-mail: rski22@att.net


 Supreme Lodge news and appointments:
Past Supreme Governor Milt McGinnis - Pilgrim Council
Past Moose Legion Ambassador Chuck Barber to the Moose Legion Council

Debra Camara-Price-Star Recorder Board.
Moose International Top Association Awards:
Bill Thompson Webmaster 2nd Place International Association Website
Bill Thompson Webmaster Yuba City Moose Lodge 1st Place

Milt DGR Dinner
Gary and Milt
Bill Website Awards
Moose Car
Moose Lodge me
Fairfield Lodge & me

President Bill traveling

Presidents reception dinner

Some of the over 200 people at President Bill’s Reception dinner


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