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Sickness & Distress

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2/6/2020 Pilgrim Richard Earnhart passed on October 17, 2019. Richard was a lifetime member of the Moose and Moose Legion. He was a Past Association President and had signed 510 members during his Moose career. During our earlier years when the CNMA held meetings in Palm Springs we all got to know him as the Mayor of Palm Springs€, as he lived there. We will advise you later if there will be a Memorial Service for Pilgrim Earnhart. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.

1/28/2020 that Pilgrim William Wooten from the Eureka lodge was in the hospital with a serious pneumonia condition. He was then moved to a rehab facility for a term of recovery and is now in a skilled nursing facility there in Eureka. Please do not try to make contact with him as he cannot respond at this time. If you wish to send him a card – please send it to the Eureka lodge and they will make the delivery. Please remember Pilgrim Wooten in your thoughts and prayers at this time. Thank you.

 1/28/2020. Pilgrim Daniel Johnson, Sr. of Yuba City lodge #1204  is seriously ill at this time. He and his family have requested that there be NO Phone Calls or e-mails at this time. If you wish to send him a card please send it to the Yuba City lodge and they will make the delivery as needed. Please remember Pilgrim Daniel in your prayers and thoughts at this time.

1/25/2020 Pilgrim Chris Lubbers of the Fresno lodge is now back in the hospital with continuing issues following his recent heart operation. Chris is in good spirits and is doing well. Please remember Chris and his family in your thoughts and prayers now.

1/25/2020 Pilgrim Doug Phillips wife, Sandy has been undergoing various tests to determine the extent of cancer in her lung and will have another biopsy next week. Please remember her and the family in your thoughts and prayers now.


This committee rep is the primary contact for you to report any pilgrim illness and more importantly, the passing of a pilgrim. We will then coordinate with the family and local lodge reps to handle any requested memorial services or other needs. Thanks in advance for your valued support in the future.
Contact info: Robert Sypnieski.
530 718-0857.


Bill Thompson CNMA Recognition Award

Bill Thompson receiving CNMA Award

Ray Rangel
Deputy Supreme Governor, Central 2019-2020


Walt Meek
Deputy Supreme Governor
North 2019-2020

Ron Popper
Deputy Supreme Governor
2019-2020 South


 Supreme Lodge appointments:

• Cheryl Volden to the WOTM Grand Council
• Walt meek, Ray Rangel and Ron Popper as Deputy Supreme Governors
• Past Supreme Governor Milt McGinnis to the Pilgrim Council
• Past Moose Legion Ambassador Chuck Barber to the Moose Legion Council
• Derrick Morris to Moose Heart of the Community
Moose International Top Association Awards:
• California/Nevada Moose Association (CNMA) ranked 5th in membership reporting and 7th in membership production.
• Premier Lodge Awards. CA/NV had 19 Lodges that were awarded this honor.

1. Napa
2. Placerville
3. Mira Mesa
4. Sunnyvale
5. Big Bear
6. San Jose
7. Fresno
8. Rancho Cordova
9. Pacifica
10. Anaheim
11. Pismo Beach
12. Gridley - 1st time winner
13. Temecula Valley
14. Paradise - 1st time winner
15. Delta - 1st time winner
16. Garden Grove
17. Lodi
18. Buena Park
19. Yuba City
20. Placerville
21 Lewiston
Congrats to all the Lodges, Chapter Officers and Members.

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