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The Supreme Council has approved $2M for a 2021 Pandemic Relief Fund, created to help lodges manage expenses during this unprecedented time of business closures due to the pandemic virus.

Award of Dedication/Lifetime Achievement Award
Deadline: SATURDAY JULY 31, 2021

Lindhurst Moose Lodge Fire Fundraiser

The 17th Annual Blessing of the Bikes will take place on Saturday, May 15th, 2021For more information about the event and to register online today, visit the Moose Charities website.



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Sickness & Distress

     sickmoose           Have sickness & distress that should be posted. Please e-mail the information Click Here:





This committee rep is the primary contact for you to report any pilgrim illness and more importantly, the passing of a pilgrim. We will then coordinate with the family and local lodge reps to handle any requested memorial services or other needs. Thanks in advance for your valued support in the future.
Contact info: Robert Sypnieski.
530 718-0857.
E-mail: rski22@att.net


Deputy Supreme Governor
, Central
Glenn Holland

Deputy Supreme Governo
Roddy Myers

Deputy Supreme Governor
Ken Sprague



 Supreme Lodge news and appointments:
Past Supreme Governor Milt McGinnis - Pilgrim Council
Past Moose Legion Ambassador Chuck Barber to the Moose Legion Council

Frankie Wysocki-CA-NV Deputy Grand Regent.
Debra Camara-Price-Star Recorder Board.
Dina Munday-President of the College of Regents Board
Moose International Top Association Awards:
Bill Thompson 1st Place International Association Website

Polo Blue ladies
Polo Black

***UPDATE ON "One Moose" from Moose Int. ***

During the 132nd Meeting of the Supreme Lodge, delegates voted favorably to pass a set of General Law Amendments that would essentially create a new and unified Moose membership where all members, male and female, would have equal opportunities, rights and privileges within the Lodge. Nearly, 77% of the delegates voted in favor of moving to a unified Moose membership, easily surpassing the 67% majority necessary for adoption.

The changes are scheduled to go into effect on May 1, 2021 and will impact the membership in the following ways:

For the Lodge:

Women will become members of the Lodge automatically on May 1, 2021. Women may become elected to the Board of Officers beginning May 1, 2022; however, qualified women may be eligible or appointed to open positions on the Board or to committees beginning May 1, 2021.

Individual title changes will occur for the lodge officers, including “President” for Governor; “Vice President” for Junior Governor; “Chaplain” for Prelate and “Past Lodge President” for Past Lodge Governor. Any member, man or woman, may serve in the new positions as long as they are a member of either the Moose Legion or the newly structured Women of the Moose, or join within 60 days,

All previous honors will transition seamlessly to the new integrated Moose. i.e. Any member receiving the honor of Past Lodge Governor shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of any Past Lodge President of The Moose.

The revised Laws for Moose Social Quarters and Homes (Section IV) eliminates the House Committee; those duties will now be performed by the Lodge’s Board of Officers.

An Executive Session has been added to every Board of Officer’s meeting, if necessary, to discuss confidential topics (i.e. personnel matters, legal matters, etc.), including issues previously handled by the House Committee.

The minimum proposed dues amount for the Lodge will be $38, although Lodges have the option to set higher dues amounts.

For the Chapter:

The Women of the Moose will be structured similarly as the Moose Legion; as an affiliated unit of the new Moose lodge.

The WOTM will maintain all honors, charitable focus, lower dues and influence.

Chapters will retain their current assets, without turning monies over to the Lodge.

The minimum proposed dues amount for the chapter is $15, although Chapter dues are waived for the first three years of the transition to the One Moose lodge structure.

Stand Alone Chapters will need to be chartered as a new Moose Lodge although the current WOTM Chapter will still exist.

Similar to the Moose Legion, women have the option of joining the Lodge without having to join the Chapter.

Additional information regarding the changes to occur May 1, 2021 will be distributed in the coming months to aid in the transition.



Association Polo Shirts available now for both Men and Women

With or without a pocket in Blue or Black

Lindhurst Fire Moose

Lindhurst Moose Lodge Fire

R-L Association Past President Bud Harwood, Administrator Larry St Louis, DSG Roddy Myers, and Association Vice President Bill Thompson present a new laptop to the Lindhurst Moose Lodge from the Association Disaster Relief Fund.

Territory Manager Andrew Boardley took the picture

Lindhurst Fire computer gift

Above and Beyond…… Recognition

We are pleased to provide this information to recognize a special person. Our Joseph Henderson has just completed a project to provide the new CNMA campaign polo shirts to the CA -NV residents at Moosehaven. He obtained the sizes, color choice and name desired on the shirt for the residents from a Moosehaven staff person.

The eight (8) orders were processed in a short time with the completed items packaged and shipped to the staff person at Moosehaven. Joe did include a special insert with each shirt that had a colored California Nevada Moose logo and a short-written note. It read as “Just a small token to say we are thinking of you from your Moose Family in California Nevada.” It was signed – Joe Henderson, CNMA Prelate.

In closing, it should be noted that Joe donated these shirts, all of the prep work and shipping costs. The polo shirts were presented to the very pleased Moosehaven residents. Joe - Thank you for a job well done.

Lifetime award Bud 2021
DSG 2021

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