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Carol Veach
CA/NV Membership Coordinator

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“If I told you that you could clothe, feed, house and educate 295 needy kids and support over 250 seniors for only $50 ...... for the first year and then $30... each year after, would you?   Ask me about it!”Ě


 Don’t know who said it or exactly where, but when co-workers came back from the International Convention in Tampa, Florida, those words were all over Facebook.  They were followed by lots of good comments on using the words to entice new members.  Sounds like a good thing to me!  You could also divide the yearly amount of dues by 365 days for a cost of just over eight cents a day and add that information to your talk. I like the “Elevator Speech” by our own Grand Chancellor Barbara McPherson.  It tells your prospect a lot more about Moose in the time it takes an elevator in a hotel to reach your floor.  We passed out a lot of copies at the Membership table in Reno last year. Ask your recorder to order some free pamphlets that fold up to about the size of a credit card.  They also have words you can use to enlighten a new candidate. All of these words are intended to make it easier for you to make contact with the women around you and ask them to join your Chapter.  Use the words that suit you and feel free to change them to make them your own. By August things are settling down in our Chapters.  This is a chance to concentrate – early in the year – on sponsoring new members and building your Chapter.  Please talk to your friends and co-workers to bring them into the Moose.  I hope some of these words will be useful to you.   Go get ‘em!
The Membership Motivators worked hard on our new Membership Campaign.  Please print the new poster and hand a copy to your newsletter editor.  Then hang it up.  It usually works best in the ladies room where there is often time to read it up “close and personal” but the hallway or bulletin board works well, too.  One item that stayed the same – prizes will be cash:  $500, $400, $300, $200, 6 at  $100 and the remainder will be donated in $100 increments to the winners as donations to Donors Circle.  Sponsor three and get your name in the prize drawing for lots of money







Northwest District 1:
Paulena Flower, Fresno

Northeast District 2:
Frances Unterbrink, Red Bluff

Redwood Empire District 3:
Jan Koste, Petaluma

Sacramento Valley District 4:
Mauda Butte, West Sacramento

Twin Rivers District 5:
Sharon Naramore
Delores Inabnett, Fairfield

East Bay District 6:
Danette Green, San Jose
Dina Gurrieri, Hayward/Castro Valley

Big Valley District 8:
Linda Crum, Ebbetts Pass
Peggy Marrone, Lodi
Dee Marlatt, Fresno

Mission Trails District 10:
Betty Bourassa, Los Gatos

West Coast Central District 11:
Judy Brown, Atascadero

Golden Valley District 12:
Margaret LaRosa, Stockdale
Frankie Wysocki, Tehachapi

Greater Mojave District 13:
Patti Sandene, Lancaster

Channel District 14:
Alyce Nelson, Oxnard
Denise Angeles, Camarillo

James B. West District 15:
Chiristie Steele, Reseda

Centinella District 16:
Marie Bunker, Redondo Beach
Kathy Blaisdell, Torrance

Orange Empire District 19:
Nancy Matarrita
Bridget Robinson, Garden Grove
Kim Young, LaHabra

Desert District 21:
Tami Russo, Pomona

High Desert District 22:
Christine MyersMainland

Southern District 23:
Charly Papp, Escondido

Nevada District 24:
Cindy Raslavsky, Red Rock

Comstock District 25:



       'Women of the Moose"
CA/NV Membership Motivators are here to help.

Membership Motivators are available in your area  to talk about retention or chapter membership campaigns.  They will give ;you ideas to make our current campaign posters look great. And if no one is listed in your District, e-mail me at and I'll help!
Carol Veach, CA/NV Membership Coordinator


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