Women Of The Moose
Carol Veach
CA/NV Membership Coordinator


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Women of the Moose Membership Motivators
By Carol Veach, CA/NV WOTM Membership Coordinator



Were you kind to someone yesterday? Especially at your Chapter and your Lodge? My friend has taken it upon herself to be deliberately kind as many times as possible every day. When we are in our Moose Home and she holds the door for a Loyal Order member using a cane, his face lights up and he says, “Thank you!” My friend also says, “Can I help you with that?” at least twice every time we are there. I watch the people – men and women - who see her actions. Many of them turn back to their beverage and actually say thank you to the bartender.

If you think the attitude in your Lodge needs an update, why not let it start with you? Try a little kindness and see what happens. Not once or twice, but every chance you get. Start with a smile when you walk in. Nod to those you don’t know and follow up with a “Hi!” And yes, that is also kindness. They built a new CVS Pharmacy on my corner and my feeling about it was very bland. It took me a long time to go back. Imagine my surprise when the employee at the checkout turned her head to acknowledge my entrance with a big smile and a “Hi!” What a difference that simple greeting made in my thoughts about a drugstore!

We all want to sign members and we all want to keep members. Kindness is a great place to start. They will see what we are about and they will like what we do and how we act. They will want to join and they will want to stay. It is so easy and so effective. I hope you give it a try.

If your District is not listed e-mail me at elzieveach@aol.comand I’ll help.

Northwest District 1:
Paulena Flower, Fresno

Northeast District 2:

Frances Unterbrink, Red Bluff

Redwood Empire District 3:
Jan Koste, Petaluma

Sacramento Valley District 4:

Mauda Butte, West Sacramento

Twin Rivers District 5:
Delores Inabnett, Fairfield
Sharon Naramore, Vacaville,

East Bay District 6:
Danette Green, San Jose
Dina Munday, Hayward/Castro Valley

Big Valley District 8:
Linda Crum, Ebbetts Pass
Peggy Marrone, Lodi
Dee Marlatt, Fresno

Mission Trails District 10:

West Coast Central District 11:Golden Valley
Judy Brown, Atascadero

 District 12:
Margaret LaRosa, Stockdale
Frankie Wysocki, Tehachapi


Greater Mojave District 13:

Channel District 14:
Alyce Nelson, Oxnard
Denise Angeles, Camarillo

James B. West District 15:
Christie Steele, Reseda

Centinella District 16:
Marie Bunker, Redondo Beach
Kathy Blaisdell, Torrance

District 18/19:
Nancy Matarrita, Pomona
Bridget Robinson, Garden Grove
Kim Casey, LaHabra
Carole Bouchard

Desert District 21:
Tami Russo, Pomona

High Desert District 22:
Christine Myers Mainland, Stockdale,

Southern District 23:
Charly Papp, Escondido
Liz Crewdson

Nevada District 24:
Cindy Raslavsky, Red Rock

Comstock District 25:


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