Denise Angeles 2015

Denise Angeles
Deputy Grand Regent

I am so deeply honored and humbled to have been appointed CA/NV Deputy Grand Regent for the ensuring year. My hope is that together we can make this a year we are all proud of by getting new members, bringing back those members who have left us, showing the world what we are about and most of all, just having fun. We are part of a Fraternity that does so many wonderful things. Go out there and spread the word what the Moose Fraternity does! Let your communities know, help those in need and you could be sponsoring members. My friends became my mentors. If you look at the dictionary, it has words like advisor, teacher or coach. They taught me everything and anything I wanted to know to help the children, seniors, Moose Charities and our communities. This is such a wonderful organization that allows all of us to make a difference. Let’s make that difference by showing the world what we are about.

I want to congratulate the co-workers who received their Green Cap during our Annual Conference in Reno, NV. You are half way there to receive your College of Regents Degree and maybe even further. Your dedication to this great Fraternity is awesome. Always remember you are a mentor to someone who doesn’t know much about this fraternity. Teach them well! There is no such thing as a “Stupid Question.”

What do you think about our brothers voting to allow women to become part of the CNMA? I think it is GREAT!! Women will now be able to hold various positions, thanks to the vote. Every step we take will bring us closer to becoming what we are supposed to be.

I want to thank Denielle Baile for being such a wonderful Official Visitor. We learned and had so much fun during our conference. Our co-workers kept saying what a wonderful conference this was. It was one of the best. Danielle was so down to earth and how much they learned. She kept it interesting and they never knew what to expect.

And now to Charly Papp. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for what you have done for this Fraternity and me. Thank you! Thank you! You are an inspiration to me and some big shoes to follow. I hope that I can continue to do what you have started. Your friendship means everything. Thank you again for being such a wonderful and graceful hostess. You can be proud of what you have accomplished.

Before I close, I would like to say something. Do as much as you can do today, and then try again tomorrow and see what you can do then. Each day you get a little stronger, a little faster and a little braver. Then an amazing thing happens and one day you wake up and you have become the person you had set out to be. Always remember, to be humble and kind to each other.

Hugs to everyone from Past Deputy Grand Regent, Charly Papp!

Always be humble and kind!

Denise Angeles,
Deputy Grand Regent 2019-2020



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