Charly Cap and Gown

Charly Papp
Deputy Grand Regent

                Congratulations to our Incoming Deputy Grand Regent, Denise Angeles.  We are so proud of you and know without a doubt you will be a great Deputy for the California/Nevada co-workers.   I hope that a record number of our co-workers will come to the Annual Conference to congratulate you and to be present for your installation on Sunday, September 8th.  You go, Girl!

      Congratulations to ALL the Chapters that earned the Award of Achievement this year.  We know building and maintaining membership is difficult, but as you can see, it can be done.  Congratulations to all the Sr. Regents who have (or will be) receiving your call card as a Green Cap Matriculate.  We look forward to your convocation on Sunday.  This is open to all members of the Loyal order and Women of the Moose.  Please remember to dress appropriately and take lots of pictures!

     Congratulations to all our new CA/NV Pilgrims, wear your gold jacket proudly, you earned it!  I also want to thank the CA/NV Association Officers for their support this year.  A special thank you to Fred Reichelt and Jim Waggoner for your hand-holding during the BEO meetings with Atlantis.  So glad, you know all the ins-outs of these contracts.  Thank you.

     I’m sure you’ve all heard, if you go to Mooseheart, you will never let your dues lapse.  I am happy and honored to say, I had the opportunity to go to Mooseheart for the 5th and 8th grade promotions and the High School graduation.  All I can say, is it is, TRUE!  It is difficult to explain how awesome it is to see a Senior graduating from Mooseheart knowing that in some small part, we helped that young adult grow up in a safe and loving environment.  They certainly have a big Moose family at graduation!  Afterwards, we toured two homes and baby village.  You can hear it, but when you see how lovely the homes are, how big the bedrooms are and each child has their own bed, dresser, and personal space.  Only two children (teenagers) to a room that is clean, spacious and filled with items they can call their own.  The home teachers were warm and caring.  They had chore charts in the homes to build responsibility, they were respectful, I could go on and on.  The bottom line is, if you can make it to Mooseheart for a graduation or at any time, be sure you go…you won’t regret it.  We Moose do a wonderful thing by supporting these children in need.

     Did you attend the International Conference in Las Vegas?  Did you have a great time?  Didyou learn anything new?  Did you meet up with old friends and make new ones?  Were you at the session that encouraged you to take what you learned back to your Chapter?  As it was said, “What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but not information that needs to be shared with your Chapter.  Share what you learned so your Chapter will have a successful year.  Did you hear the LOOM passed “NO SMOKING” in our Lodge homes?  Won’t it be nice to visit a Moose Lodge in say Tennessee without being choked with smoke?!  For our Nevada members that smoke, don’t fret, there will be a place set up for you to enjoy.  This change gives us a great opportunity to clean up and air out our Lodges to invite new members.  In California, we’ve been no smoking by law for years, we were all concerned in the beginning, but it works just fine.  For our co-workers in Nevada, don’t worry, you will love it too!

    It appears that the Chapters joining the CA/NV Association has been a landslide of YES votes. Now it is just a matter of the LOOM voting to change their by-laws to allow Chapter Members to join the Districts and the CA/NV Association.  I believe this is on the agenda for September.  It will take a little while to implement, but change is in the air.  Let’s embrace working together to ensure a better life for our kids at Mooseheart and seniors at Moosehaven.

  The pre-registration for the Annual Convention in Reno, September 5-8, 2019 has been sent to your Chapter and it is available to download on the CA/NV Moose website.  To order dinner tickets for the banquet or Higher Degree breakfast, please use the form under LOOM registration.  Information regarding hotel reservations is also under the LOOM registration area.  Please register early, so we have time to make a nice printed badge for you.  In March we had over one hundred co-workers register on-site.  We were definitely happy you came, but if you sign up onsite, your badge will be handwritten at the registration desk.  Pre-registering also helps us to set up the room to make you more comfortable, and to know how many Green Cap Matriculates will be at Convocation.  Our official visitor is Denielle Baile, this is her first time in California/Nevada.  She is the driving force behind the International Conferences as the Executive Project Manager.  She has earned all her degrees and also sits on the Grand Council.  She is fun, informative and a ball of energy, I’m sure you won’t want to miss her presentations.

 As this is my last article in the Gold Miner.  I want to take a moment to thank the Grand Chancellor for the honor of being your Deputy Grand Regent for CA/NV this past year.  Thank you to all the Past Deputy Grand Regents for your support, advice and help during the year.  Emotions take over as I think of all of the wonderful Moose Sisters I have met this year.  I tried very hard to make it to every Chapter, but alas with a full time job it was next to impossible to go all the places I wanted to go.  YOU ladies have reaffirmed why I joined the Women of the Moose.  You work hard to make your Chapters and Lodges a success, your faces and eyes brighten as you share photos of your Sunshine Grandchild or Sunshine Grandparent.  You welcomed me into your Lodge homes with big smiles, warm hugs and great conversation.  You showered me with kindness, we had laughs and we had tears, truly a sisterhood! Frankie, my friend, you are a jewel.  I’m not sure how you knew, but your encouraging cards arrived at the right moment all year.  Carol, during your own difficulties, you have shared love and advice even after 16 oz, thank you!  To my Stockdale Chapter, it was you that made the mid-year conference a success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the laughs and hugs we shared, I hope they continue for years to come.  To my home Chapter, Escondido, thank you for your support, guidance and understanding.  To the co-workers of Placerville, thank you for taking the responsibility of being the Hostess Chapter at our upcoming Annual Conference.  I look forward to seeing you this weekend and many more times in years to come.  I could go on and on (those of you who’ve met me know that this is a true statement) telling you how much you mean to me and to the Moose organization, but I’m sure you’ve had enough.  I still have one month before my year is over, so I hope to meet a few more of you in your Lodge homes.  If I don’t get the opportunity to meet you in your environment and you come to Annual Conference, please take a moment to say Hi, I truly want to meet you!  Just remember YOU are the future of the Moose, always be kind to one another and to strangers in your midst, you never know, she may be your next member. 

 In closing…as provided by my Friend, and written by Samuel Johnson.  Hugging, the most incredible forms of contact that one could give each other.  Hugging benefits include—Therapeutic, calming, natural pain killer and stimulating multiple good feeling glands within our bodies. Hug with a smile, and, never hug tomorrow someone you could hug today!

 In Friendship with Hugs,

Charly Papp

Deputy Grand Regent 2018/2019