Charly Papp DGR 2018

Charly Papp
Deputy Grand Regent

Wow, what an honor and privilege to have been selected for this appointment.  There are so many people to thank; from the co-workers that I have worked with, the mentors who have guided and corrected me, and Carol V. who gave me the opportunity to work the Membership table.  I have loved the past three years of sharing motivational material for your Chapters, bling for your badges, and most of all, HUGS!  Above all this, I am thankful to belong to a fraternity that does so much good for children, seniors and our communities.

I must admit that I am a bit nervous starting out on this endeavor.  I follow a group of Past Deputy Grand Regents who have established the highest standards of performance and laid the groundwork for me to follow.  I appreciate them all, and I will be calling on them for guidance and advice.

I am a Life Member of Escondido Chapter 1310, a member of six additional Chapters, Life Member of CA/NV Mooseriders, in the 100 division of the 25 Club, and I am a Moosette on a Mission!  This mission is to do the best job I can to help co-workers wherever and whenever I can.  You are the ladies that make a difference in your Chapters and our fraternity.  I want to meet and get to know as many of you as possible this year, and to make sure YOU know how much you’re appreciated by this Association, this Fraternity, and this DGR.  Question…have you had your Hug today?  This year’s theme, give a hug, receive a hug; it’s a great way to make someone feel extraordinary and to feel special yourself.  Pass it forward, we are all one fraternal family and care for each other, hugs are a good way to communicate this.

I vow to work together with the Association President and Executive Board to collaborate working side by side with the Senior Regents and Governors for the success of our fraternal order.  Together we will strive to meet our obligations to the children at Mooseheart and seniors at Moosehaven.  We can do this by assuring each member feels valuable enough to renew their membership and sign up new members to grow this fraternity.

I will do my best to meet the expectations set by my predecessors and to serve ALL of the Chapters and co-workers of California/Nevada.  I see my job as being all about YOU, my sister co-workers.  Why, because YOU are the Women of the Moose and I am proud to be one of you.

It is not how big your heart is, but how much Moose is in it!

Fraternal Hugs,

Charly Papp

DGR 2018/2019