Berry, Debbie DGR 2016-2017

Debbie Berry
Deputy Grand Regent


 Dear Co-Workers,

 Wow!!!  Mid-Year Conference is already here.  What a great time we had and boy did we learn a lot from our Official Visitor, Past Grand Regent Sandra Thompson. She is always full of knowledge, love and friendship for everyone attending our conference.  She believes in what the Moose is about and is always willing to share her knowledge. I hope that you will take back to your Chapters the information you learned on this fun weekend. Discuss everything talked about with the Co-Workers, especially those who are new to our organization.  Let’s get them motivated.

 I would like again to congratulate all the new friends who received their Academy of Friendship on Sunday at Mid Year. Be proud of your achievement.  It was my honor to be a part of your special day. I know you work very hard with your Chapter to earn this first degree.   

 I would like to give a special thanks to Buena Park  Chapter #828 and District 19 for being my Hostess Chapter.  You did a great job and I am very proud of all of you.  A very special thank you to Debi Price for doing all the Mid-Year Conference Badges and programs for me.

 October was the Cradle Fundraising in support of Mooseheart.  As of today, CA/NV  raised $7,758.25. What a great job you all did in support of our kids. Everything we can do for our kids makes their life a little more special.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 We don’t have the final total yet on the Rocker Fundraising held in February.  I will give you a report in the next article. We challenge the men that we could raise more money than they could. Last year they did beat us. So I hope we beat the men this year.

 Elections are quickly approaching.  Please make sure you read the elections handbook.  Let’s us remember, once elections are held, it is up to us to support the new officers and mentor them for the ensuing year.

 Remember, International Conference is quickly approaching in Tampa, FL on June 28- July 3rd.  I hope to see all there.  While you are in Florida, take a extra day and head to Moosehaven and see the wonderful things we do for our seniors.

 Coworkers remember our theme this year Raise the Roof.  I know you all can raise the Roof for our kids at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven.

 And remember my personal theme this year “Lead by Example” be the best mentor you can be to your coworkers. Until next time

Debbie Berry      

 Deputy Grand Regent


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Debbie Berry, DGR Resume

Debbie Berry joined the El Monte Chapter #1321 in October 1993. She has served her chapter in many capacities starting with her first position as Secretary/ Treasurer.
Her accomplishments are:
      Academy of Friendship- 1997
      College of Regents- 2000
      Star Recorder- 2002
      25 Club- Member of the 100 division
      El Monte Ritual Team 2002-200
      Life Membership 2014
CA/NV WOTM Moose Charities Chairman 2009- Current
 Debbie is married to her best friend Frank and they reside in El Monte, CA. Debbie has a daughter, Chrystina and a son, Richard. She had two grandchildren, Alycia and Alex, and one great granddaughter Ellyana.