Charly Cap and Gown

Charly Papp
Deputy Grand Regent

      First, a shout out and thank you to all the co-workers that took the time to come to Mid-Year Conference in Reno.  You were awesome, engaged, energetic and full of hugs.  I hope you enjoyed the fabulous, informational speeches by our State Chairmen, the membership motivational speech and information about our Twin Cities, Mooseheart and Moosehaven by Grand Council Member, Cheryl Volden, training information from Chapter Analyst Coordinator, Cindy Raslavsky, of course words of wisdom, and the many answers to your questions by our Official Visitor, Grand Chancellor, Barbara McPherson.  It was definitely a fun and interesting weekend, and your hugs were greatly appreciated.

 Congratulations to all the new Academy of Friendship matriculates.  We were honored to have 41 of you conferred in Reno.  We hope you enjoyed the Academy of Friendship luncheon.  Bridget did a fabulous job putting it together, so much so, we went from 50 attendees to over 100.  The hotel did a great job finding space to move us and all agreed the food was fantastic.  Of course, the company was better, and it was wonderful to get to know some of our new “Friends”.  For those of you who could not make it to Reno, I look forward to meeting you and celebrating your “First Degree” in the Women of the Moose in Las Vegas.  Be sure to register early for the AOF breakfast.

 Thank you to the LOOM Executive Board for explaining the ins and outs of the WOTM Chapters joining the District/Association for California/Nevada.  By the time we had our Mid-Year Conference, twenty other Association Conferences had completed and 15 of the 20 voted for the Women to join their Associations.  Here’s a little shake down on how this works.  At the CA/NV Mid-Year Conference the LOOM delegates voted in a “straw poll” (an unofficial vote to judge interest and commitment) to include the Chapters at the District and Association level.  This is the first step to see how we women and men can work together as a unit.  This has nothing to do with your Chapter in your Lodge home, this is strictly a District/Association merge.  Keep an eye on the mail, the next step, comes from Women of the Moose Headquarters.  Every Chapter in California/Nevada will receive a four-page letter outlining how the merge into the Association will work, the pros and cons, and much more.  Each Chapter will need to contact every member in your Chapter to set up a special meeting.  This meeting is solely for the purpose of voting on whether your Chapter wants to move forward to join the California/Nevada Association (and your local District).  Voting will be based on the Electoral College system (i.e. One vote for every 50 members).  This method is used to allow all Chapters to have a say in the voting, but of course giving more votes to the larger Chapters with more members.  Once all the votes are returned to Women of the Moose headquarters if the WOTM voting is positive, the LOOM will need to vote to change their bylaws to include our Chapters.  If they vote positive and make the bylaw changes it is a done deal.   Again, at this time, this has nothing to do with your Lodge, this is strictly at the District/Association level.  Be sure to read the letter your Chapter receives carefully and follow the instructions so your vote(s) will be counted I want to thank the co-workers from Stockdale Chapter #1203, for all they did as a Hostess Chapter to make our 85th Mid-Year Conference a success.  Ladies, you ROCK, I am so proud of you all!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work, hugs and your friendship.  I’m looking forward to working with the Placerville Girls for the upcoming September Conference.

 So, here’s a challenge from our Grand Chancellor, Barb.  Everyone in Reno, truly enjoyed her words of wisdom, the answers to our questions, her humor and more.  We asked her to come back in September.  She has agreed, BUT only if we come in at International Conference as one of the Top Ten Associations.  This means, to make the top ten, we have to get our membership back up.  If we want her back, let’s show her, YES (That’s for you Carol), we can increase our membership.  If each one of you gets one or two expired members to renew, and signs up one or two new members, WE CAN DO THIS!  Together we can beat this challenge and be one of the Top Ten Associations like we used to.  This will get Barb back as our OV in September.  Need encouragement?  It looks like Tehachapi Chapter; a stand-alone Chapter, is going to make the Award of Achievement this year.  It has been 7 years since they’ve made the Award of Achievement because without a Lodge home, they’ve lost members.  Well this year, they rolled up their sleeves and have signed new members and expired members are coming back too.  If this Chapter can work hard to get members, so can we.  Congratulations, Tehachapi Chapter for all your hard work and for giving the rest of us motivation to get the job done!  Come on Ladies, we’ve got one month to beat this challenge!

 As you can see there are many changes in the works, but always remember our oath to take care of the children at Mooseheart and the seniors at Moosehaven.  As said so many times this weekend, if you have the opportunity to visit these campuses, your heart will forever be changed and you will understand our devotion and the importance of making sure these campuses are funded for decades to come.  YOU make the difference in a child’s life every day, just by paying your dues.  The many fundraisers we do throughout the year gives opportunities to children and seniors who would otherwise have a meager existence.  On our campuses they live with Love and are taken care of, YOU, make that possible. Thank you.

 In my travels, many of you said you were going to Las Vegas International Conference in June 27-July 1.  I hope you do!  I believe there will be changes shared, information about how “Logic” is doing, great stories about our kids at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven, and so much more.  If you couldn’t make it to Reno, or even if you did, please come and experience the International Conference, I promise you, it will be a great experience.  Be sure to register online ASAP to save big!

 In closing for this month…A hug is “Welcome back again!” and “Great to see you!” or “Where have you been?” A hugs can soothe away pain and bring a rainbow after rain.  So stretch those arms without delay and give someone a hug today. 

In Friendship,

Charly Papp

Deputy Grand Regent