Charly Cap and Gown

Charly Papp
Deputy Grand Regent

          Congratulations to all our new 2019/2020 elected Officers, appointed Officers and Chairmen.  You have been chosen by your co-workers to “Create our Future.”  Your Chapter has confidence in you and so do we.  Have a great year, and remember to treat all members of this fraternity the way you want to be treated…be kind, be huggable.  Special congratulations to all of you that fought the fight to retain your members and add new members to earn the Award of Achievement

     I’d like to remind you to register for the International Conference in Las Vegas.  Register by May 31st and save $100 in registration fees.  This is going to be a great Conference.  There are changes on the Horizon and I’m sure you will want to be the first to know what those changes are!  International Conference is a wonderful way to meet up with other members you’ve met traveling around the Country or at previous International Conferences.  There are workshops, booths, the catalog store (oh so dangerous when all these Moose goodies are at your finger-tips!), and lots of fun WOTM and joint sessions during the Conference.  The Karaoke Finalists are a MUST SEE, and they are FREE, great entertainment! Let’s not forget the entertainment for our 25 Club members and the League of Guardians event?!  This conference is so close to home for our California/Nevada members, we should have the best in attendance!  I want to take a moment and congratulate our new Incoming Deputy Grand Regent.  We’re all excited to know who you are and we’ll have that privilege soon.  Personally, I have enjoyed meeting so many of our co-workers this year, you have all been so warm and inviting.  I know as our new Deputy, you will have a fantastic 2019/2020 year.  Enjoy it; it goes by so quickly.  See you in Las Vegas when the secret is announced! 

    I’m sure you’ve heard through the grapevine that our 2020 Mid-Year Conference will be held in Buena Park at Knotts Berry Farm’s Hotel.  Co-workers, we’ve been complaining for years that Reno is too far, make your reservations shortly after our Annual Conference.  The co-workers in Mid-to-South of California and Nevada should be showing up in force, for the first time in over a decade the Mid-Year conference will be at your back door (or close to it!).  There will be more information provided by the Association which includes discount tickets to Knotts Berry Farms, so make certain you keep an eye out in the Gold Miner and online for more information.

 As discussed in the last issue of the Gold Miner, your Chapter should have received your letter from Women of the Moose headquarters.  The letter from Grand Chancellor explains the pros and cons along with information and instructions on how to proceed with contacting your membership, having a special meeting to vote Yes or No about joining the CA/NV Association.  As indicated in the letter it is important to reach out to all your members and to give them enough time to plan on attending the meeting.  Schedule your special meeting specifically for this topic only and vote.  Be sure to send the results back to Women of the Moose headquarters before the deadline of July 1, 2019.  If you are reading this and you’ve heard nothing about this topic in your Chapter, talk to your Board of Officers and make sure they received the letter and instructions.  If they know nothing about it, have them call the Grand Chancellor’s office.  The sooner this is completed the sooner we move forward to “Create Our Future”.

 I want to thank the co-workers from Monterey, Pacifica, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Vallejo, Napa, Delta, Concord, Pittsburg, and Hayward/Castro Valley for your kindness, selfies, and most of all your hugs during my visit to the Bay area.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. I look forward to coming back for another visit to meet more of you, before September.  A special thank you to, Past Deputy Grand Regent, Delores Inabnett for taking the time to have lunch with me and to be my driver on Saturday.  I appreciate your warm introductions and for driving me to Vallejo, Napa and Delta.  Thank you so much, it was a fun day! Ladies, you are truly WOMEN OF THE MOOSE and you make our Fraternity Strong and Proud…as they say, You Go Girls!

 Thank you to the co-workers of Placerville for volunteering to be the Hostess Chapter at our Annual Conference.  I look forward to working with you, and visiting your Lodge again (such a wonderful Lodge/Chapter hidden in the woods).  Co-workers, please keep an eye on the CA/NV website.  We should have the registration forms and agenda posted as soon as we’re authorized for our Annual Conference in Reno (Sept 6-8).  This will be a Conference of Celebration for our Sr. Regents that have earned their Green Cap, celebrating Membership, and celebrating/installing our new Incoming Deputy Grand Regent.  We haven’t been assigned our Official Visitor for Annual Conference, but we’ll post it as soon as we know.

 In closing for this month…A few Facts & Hints about Hugs.  There is NO such thing as a bad hug: there are only good hugs and great hugs.  Hug someone at least once a day and twice on a rainy day (That’s a lot of hugs for this year! ).  Hug with a smile, and, never hug tomorrow someone you could hug today! 


In Friendship with Hugs,

Charly Papp

Deputy Grand Regent