Denise Angeles 2015
Women Of The Moose
Community Service
Dee Angeles

So many of our members have such great ideas as to how to help Mooseheart, Moosehaven, Moose Charities and our Communities and yet they keep hearing “WE TRIED THAT AND IT DIDN’T WORK!”  Times are changing and all ideas need to be tried.  If we fail, then we pick ourselves up, dust us off and try a new adventure.  As we have meetings in our Chapters and Lodges, we must realize that all our members have great qualities and ideas.  EVERYONE has superpowers. Your talents, your strengths, and your passions – those are your superpowers! No matter who you are, where you live or what your job is, YOU have a superpower. The thing is, in order to become a superhero; you have to USE your superpowers. We need to challenge our members to look inside themselves and discover their superpowers and determine how they can use them to benefit Mooseheart, Moosehaven, Moose Charities and our Communities.  Can you use your superpowers to welcome new members into your lodge home and ask them to help our communities? Or, perhaps, you can use your superpowers to share with your friends about the good that the Moose fraternity does every day.  Whatever your superpower is, you can use it to do good deeds.  When new friends come into your home, do you not welcome them?  If you do, why don’t you welcome those friends into our Moose home.  We need to start welcoming all our members into our homes with open arms.  Let’s all be heroes that do great things for our fraternity and our communities.  Our fraternity helps our communities in so many ways. At our conferences, we donate blankets, hats for cancer patients, Tommy Moose coloring books, bookmarks, crayons and Tommy Moose for children in need but this is such a tiny portion of what we do. We also provide food donations to the Ronald McDonald House, make donations to the Shriners Hospital, volunteer at hospitals in the name of Women of the Moose. Moose Lodges and Chapters have done the “Cop in a Box”, which provides parents with a CD that has all the child’s information on it, in case something happens. We also have the Heart of the Community Scholarship Program.

Let’s all do our part in making our communities know who the Women of the Moose and Loyal Order of Moose are.  Let’s all be proud to say we are Moose on a Mission and Create Our Future!



large undertakings, from local programs to national and international partnerships, the men and women of the Moose are there – and they are reliable, compassionate and genuine in their responses to the needs of others. Our goal is for residents, both members and non-members, to see the Moose as “The Heart of the Community.”

Heart-MooseMaking our communities better places in which to live is a major portion of the mission of the Moose fraternity. Our Lodges and Chapters annually contribute monetary donations, values of miles driven and value of hours served totaling more than $75 million. From small projects to


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