On Saturday May 11 at the Buena Park Moose Lodge the Empire Hub District #19 was proud to honor Nguyen Ha Tran on winning the 1st place Scholarship of $12,000 at the Moose International Youth Awareness Congress. Along with Nguyen, Thi Le and Tammy Le were each awarded $500.00 from the California/Nevada Moose Riders for being finalist in our Moose Youth Awareness Congress. Also, in attendance of the presentation from the California/Nevada Moose Association were President, Richard Balthazar and Vice President, Burhl “Bud” Harwood.

All of the Lodges in the Empire Hub District along with all of their Chapters sponsored at least one student that attended our congress at the Buena Park Moose Lodge. They are Anaheim, Bellflower, Buena Park, Downey, El Monte, Garden Grove, and La Habra. Even some of their committees sponsored students, like the Moose Legion and Moose Riders. No other district in the fraternity can say they had 100% participation by every Lodge and Chapters in their district, if so, very few.

For the last three years our Youth Awareness Congress had no fewer than twenty-six students that attended. We also had three students each year go on to the Moose International Youth Awareness Congress, congratulations to all of them.

Youth Awareness winner 2019

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