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May Our Departed Brothers And Sisters Rest In Peace. . .
They Will Be Missed By All!

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Departed California & Nevada Pilgrims

In The Year Of 2017

Pilgrim Paul Stinnette passed away  August 2, 2017.  Pilgrim Stinnette received his Pilgrim Degree in 1996 and was a member of Monterey Lodge 876. A Celebration of Life for  will be held August 20th at the Monterey Moose Lodge from Noon to 2:00 pm.  The address is 555 Canyon Del Rey, Monterey, CA 93940,  phone is 831-394-6896.
Pilgrim Everett Snyder  of Oro Madre Lodge 1761 and had transferred to Rancho Cordova Lodge 2357 passed away May 12, 2017.

Pilgrim Brother Don Madsen of Pismo Beach Lodge passed away in Oregon on March 23, 2017
Pilgrim Brother Glenn Coates of Camarillo Lodge 2047 Passed away February 25, 2017

In The Year Of
Pilgrim Brother Jim Gunter of Camarillo Lodge 2067 Passed away November 20, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Bill Jodzko of Red Rock Lodge 252 Passed away November 9, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Albert H Garcia of Glendale Lodge 641 Passed away May 23, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Robert J “Bob” Schreiber of Paradise Lodge 2227 Passed Away July 5, 2016 

  Pilgrim Brother Roger Kline Folsom Lodge 2009 Passed away July 22, 2016
Pilgrim Brother C.R. “Bob” Urbick of Folsom Lodge Passed away March 18, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Ernest Knapp of Red rock Lodge 252 Passed away March 5, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Ron Rex of Vacaville Lodge 1967 Passed away February 26, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Harry Began of Norwalk Lodge 1739 Passed away February 11, 2016
Pilgrim Brother Kenneth Conn of Sunnyvale Lodge 2049 Passed away January 6, 2016

May the Lord Bless and Keep ~ Till We Meet Again!
Names of Pilgrims that have departed will be added as received.
Need Name, Lodge and Date Departed.  Send information to WebMaster


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Departed California & Nevada Fellows
The Year Of 2017

Fellow Jim Shinar of Anderson Lodge passed away on May 20, 2017
Fellow John Ehly of Red Bluff Lodge 2002 Passed away March 13, 2017

The Year Of
Fellow Pete Covello of Hayward Castro Valley Lodge 1491 Passed away December 27, 2016
Fellow Leroy E Rundell of Ventura Lodge 1394 Passed away August 8, 2016
Fellow Russell Welch of Lemon Grove Lodge 1713 Passed away February 29, 2016
FellowRalph Smith of Red Bluff Lodge 2002 Passed away February 8, 2016


Names of Fellows that have departed will be added as received.
Need Name, Lodge and Date Departed.  Send information to


Departed College of Regents & Star Recorders of California & Nevada


The Yeaar Of
College of Regents Mira Criss of Red Bluff Chapter 1585 Passed away August 27, 2016


Names of College and Star Recorders who passed away will be posted as received.
Need Name, Chapter and Date of Departure. Send information to



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