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Jason Evans, Chairperson
Phone: 209 642-2079

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Hi Everybody,

The purpose of this correspondence is to introduce a new CNMA Moose Charities Committee Fundraising Project endeavor; “THE PRESIDENTS PROJECT”.  This will be a yearly project selected by the incoming Association President that will directly benefit our Children at Mooseheart or Senior’s at Moosehaven.  This year’s Association President Bill Thompson’s goal for the project will be the purchase of 7 Lunchroom Table Pods (see illustrated picture for details) for use in the Student Dining Hall at Mooseheart, at a total cost of $10,045.00.  All CNMA Fraternal Units, Councils of Higher Degree, Districts, Lodges. Active Committee’s and Individual Members are encouraged to support this Association Sponsored Project.  As always our Affiliated Fraternal Units, Chapters and Moose Legion Jurisdictions, are welcome to join us if they wish to make a donation.

DONATION INFORMATION:  Donations may be made at any time in any amount.  For purposes of this Project separation, checks must be dated on or before September 30, 2022.  Checks will be made to Moose Charities with the designator “CNMA Lunchroom Table Pod” in the check Memo Section and mailed to Moose Charities; 155 S. International Drive, Mooseheart, IL 60539-1100.

Thank you on behalf of our Committee and the Association for your past support of our many Moose Charities Programs and I look forward to working together in accomplishing the Association’s goals.


Fraternally Yours,

 Jason Evans

Chairman, CNMA Moose Charities Committee

(209) 642-2079


Moose Charities

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