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The Moose Legion Degree of Service and Leadership
All Moose Legionnaires feel an increased level of pride in membership. Opportunities to serve as leaders in the Moose fraternity and to provide additional support for the Order’s philanthropic causes in relation to Mooseheart and Moosehaven are recognized through additional fraternal involvement in this degree.
Each Moose Lodge is required, as per the General Laws of the Order, to organize a Moose Legion Committee. These groups hold various functions for the social enjoyment of their local members. And, by doing so, not only do the members enjoy their membership even more, but additional support is generated for the local Moose Lodge and the Fraternity in general.
Additionally, an area of lodge’s band together and unify efforts to form Moose Legion jurisdictions (such as a District within a Moose Association). These jurisdictions then host additional functions for Moose Legionnaires and their families as directed by the Boards of Directors and approved by the membership. We raise significant funds for support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven as well as general support of the State and Provincial Moose Associations and indeed the Fraternity itself.
The official regalia of a Moose Legionnaire is the maroon blazer featuring the official Moose Legion logo, with coordinating necktie, white shirt, black trousers and accessories. This official regalia may be worn at any function of the Order to show your pride in membership. 
The Moose Legion is known as the “Degree of Service and Leadership” because of the many programs we support and the great leadership that we produce. We even have our own month of the year. January is always Moose Legion Honor Month. This is a great opportunity each year for every Moose lodge and our Fraternity can take time to honor the service and leadership as continually provided by the Moose Legion. 
The Moose Legion may possibly be even better known as the “Fun Degree”. Our members definitely do like to enjoy themselves! Our mission is “To have fun while providing greater service to the Moose fraternity.” And, our motto is “To do some good thing for someone each day”. Now, you can understand why we are Proud Moose Legionnaires!


Fellowship Degree

Membership is generally comprised of those who take an active role in building membership, serve on committees and volunteer their time and talents in service to Moose programs. Those who serve as Chairmen of various committees and as officers in the lodge, Moose Legion, district and associations are most often recognized and recommended for advancement.

November is Fellowship Honor month across the fraternity. The members of this degree are recognized for their services over the years through activities and programs. They also meet to discuss the possibility of recommending other Moose Legion members to be considered for the Fellowship Degree.

Recommendations are confidential until such time as the recommended Moose Legionnaire is selected and called by the Pilgrim Council to be conferred with the Degree of Honor. The opportunity to serve on the Lodge Fellowship Committee is one of the privileges of being a Fellow. This select group may meet as often as they like to socialize, raise funds for special projects or conduct other business beneficial to the Degree or to the Lodge.

The official regalia of a Fellow include a French-blue blazer featuring the Fellowship logo, coordinated necktie, white shirt, black trousers and black footwear. The regalia may be worn at any function of the Order and is symbolic of the character and strength that these men have provided to the Moose fraternal structure.

A Fellow is someone who has been a leader and is now often an all-important mentor to newer members helping to guide them along a fraternal leadership path towards enhancing our existing programs. They continue to serve in various ways to keep their fraternal units strong, often through positive efforts in membership recruitment and retention.


Pilgrim Degree of Merit

It is a great honor to be recognized as a Pilgrim of the Order. Only lodge members who have served their lodge, advanced to the Moose legion, and volunteered further are considered for this degree. Generally it is attained only by devoted members who have given many years of service to and for our program. They have volunteered to cook, clean, serve as an officer, mentored others, and been fraternal leaders along the way.

Like the Fellows, the Pilgrims are encouraged to meet and continue to perform good acts to assist our program at all levels of the fraternity. That includes helping to encourage and select good lodge officers, supporting programs of the districts and associations, and rendering what support they are able for our philanthropic cause of serving childhood and old aged.

The official regalia of a Pilgrim include a gold blazer featuring the Pilgrim logo, with coordinated necktie, white shirt, black trousers, and black footwear. It distinguishes them as men of meritorious service to the Order. The degree remains with them for life, as long as both their Lodge and Moose Legion memberships remain in active status.


Attached above are the most current figures (as reported by Moose International) for our California and Nevada Moose Legion jurisdictions in regard to membership production and Moose Charities giving.

 I want to thank you all for your input so far this fiscal year for the new and former members brought into our Degree of Service and Leadership as well as those members that you™ve personally kept on our membership rolls due to your membership retention efforts.

 At this time , I™d also like to commend each of our California and Nevada Moose Legion jurisdictions and many individual Moose Legionnaires for doing your part in support of the many facets of Moose Charities. We know of the various annual financial support that we embrace year after year.  And, we also recognize the Endowment Fund as a continual and never ending revenue source for our kids at Mooseheart and our seniors members at Moosehaven to aid and assist them now and well into the future.  Always remember that it was the Moose Legion that created the original “penny march” over 100 years ago to become what is known today as the Mooseheart Moosehaven Endowment Fund. It is still our calling as Moose Legionnaires of the Degree of Service and Leadership to  be  frontrunners and flag waivers for the Endowment Fund and all of Moose Charities. It is our mission “to have fun while providing greater service to the Moose Fraternity”.

 As we are approaching the mid-point of our fiscal year, please strategize the balance of this 2017-2018 year as to gaining new and former members for our Moose Lodges and the Moose Legion. Also, please become a bit more active in the retention of those fraternal brothers whose membership dues are in jeopardy of becoming delinquent in the very near future or those that have had their dues recently expire.  A major portion of our fraternal well-being is keeping that which we already have.

 Please remember that the International Moose Legion Ambassadors and I are your local support staff. We™ll attend your programs, answer your questions (or know where to get you the proper answer), and assist you in any possible way because we understand that your success is our success.

 Thanks for all that you do,



Moose Legion Info

Camp Ross

Moose Legion Satin Banner Flyer


I’ve attached the Moose International MLEC training schedule above. Please note that of all the remaining MLEC programs available throughout our Fraternity (and probably no others for quite a while), 2 are being offered within our Moose Association; one in the north and one in the south. If you are in need of being MLEC qualified as a Director, please contact the instructor immediately to avoid having your office in the Moose Legion revoked on the 30th of June for non compliance. This would also be a good opportunity for any Assistant Moose Legion Secretary, Moose Lodge Moose Legion Committee Chairman, or any other involved Moose Legionnaire desirous of greater Moose Legion knowledge and the workings of the “Degree of Service and Leadership” to attend such a worthwhile program. Whatever your position, please make contact with the MLEC instructor immediately to reserve a registration in your name.

Thanks for all that you do,



Pilgrims 2017

2017 Pilgrims

Gary Brown of Simi Valley Moose lodge.
Franklin Brown of Elkhorn Moose lodge.
Raymond Barajas of Manteca Moose lodge
Paul Grano of Anderson .Moose lodge
Perry James of Santa Cruz Moose lodge.
Chris Lubbers of Fresno Moose lodge.
David Maxfield of Apple Valley Moose lodge.
TC Moore of Mira Mesa Moose lodge.
Joseph Lucier of Bellflower Moose lodge.
Richard Russitano of the Pacifica Moose Lodge.
Joseph Zenkus of the Yuba City Moose Lodge
David Smith of the Red Rock Moose lodge.



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