MOOSEHEART “It’s All About The Kids!”
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Surley You Know Some Child That Could Benefit From Mooseheart!

          After many years working admissions to Mooseheart and worrying when we did reach a point where there were NO children from California or Nevada, I am happy to report that we now have two!
Cheryl Volden has accompanied Autumn Campbell from California and then Gabriel Spivey from Nevada all the way to Mooseheart!  She worked their cases, following and helping them through the information needed for acceptance at Mooseheart.  I appreciate all the work she did and thank her profusely.
         Please keep your eyes open for more children who could benefit from a life at Mooseheart!  Placing a child at Mooseheart is one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience in the Moose.  Caring people like Cheryl will help you every step of the way.  If you think it may be too expensive for your Lodge or your Chapter, ask for a hand from your District and Legion.  I know they will help.  Check with your schools and churches - they may have some families that need us.  I guarantee it will increase the pride in your Lodge and Chapter.

Blackie Veach


Here are some pictures we took of our California Mooseheart Child Autumn Campbell who lives in the Minnesota Home. Autumn is 13 and promoted from the 8th grade into high school on Friday June 2nd. She is an excellent student and received many awards at the awards ceremony on Thursday June 1st including the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. She is thriving at Mooseheart and is a model resident according to her family teachers. She plans on being an LIT this summer while she is on campus at Mooseheart which she explained is like a family teacher to the younger kids. Also enclosed is a picture of her playing the saxophone in the school band at the high school graduation on Saturday June 3rd. She also marched with the band to the House of God and played for the Pilgrim march. Notice she is wearing the JROTC uniform in the picture. She was excited to meet Fred who is now a director on the Mooseheart Board of Directors. She wants to thank everyone in California Nevada for their support and for the opportunity to be at Mooseheart.

Autumn in the Band_060317

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