Johnny Pres 2020
Johnny Robinson

Association President


Greeting to All, on behave of Frankie Wysocki, are new Deputy Grand Regent and myself as CNMA President,

we would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Along with the Association Board consisting

of Jr. Past President Bud Harwood, vice President Bill Thompson, Joe Henderson, as Prelate, Perry James

as Treasurer, and Cheryl Volden as Association Secretary. Unity and Equality is our Goal for this year.

We have been charged with bringing the Mens and Womens associations together this year as One Moose.

This will be a real challenge due to the ongoing Pandemic continuing on from last year's annual convention.

We are proud the way Lodges and Chapters have been working with thier members and County and State

Government agencies to keep monies coming in. In these times we find out new ways to communicate .

Zoom Virtual meeting are the new norm in communicating with are members. I hope and Pray we get

through these times and concentrate as being One Moose.


    Thank You for All You Do 

    Johnny Robinson / CNMA President





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