Sports Family PhotoGreetings from the Sports Committee
Our goals this year are as follows

 Sports In Action

  • More participation by lodges, chapters and districts in sporting events
  • Promote Membership, Retention and Fraternalism through Sports
  • A Positive Attitude Generates Positive Results!

Chuck Barber


An active Sports Committee working with other Chairmen of the Lodge or District can schedule various sporting activities that will help promote fraternal well being, recruit new members into the fraternity and retain members. There are many various sports that interest the entire family, such as, bowling, darts, horseshoes, shuffleboard, bocce ball, softball, golf, basketball, etc.
All Lodges may not have the facilities for some sports, however, maybe a Lodge in your District does !!! This can bring you together!!!
Chuck Barber

Texas Hold’em 2019 Event:

  • 2019 Tournament Dates: January 13-16, 2019
  • Location: Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
  • Tournament information & registration will be posted in Summer 2017

The Sports Committee year came to an end with our Golf Tournament on
September 12, 2018. Twelve golfers teed off at Lakeridge in Reno for a Scramble format tournament. First place was captured by the team from Sunnyvale 2049 while the other teams tied for second place. Closest to the pin went to Jim Guggia, Santa Maria and Geoff Sherman, Sunnyvale. Also our committee was honored to donate $183.00 to the Mooseheart Girl’s Basketball Team Uniform fund as a result of efforts during the Golf Tournament.
 Dates for Sports events in the 2019 year are as follows:
Bowling in Reno, Thursday March 21, 2019
Sunnyvale Golf retreat will be the week prior to Memorial Day, stay tuned for
exact date.
Moose Charities Golf Tournament at the Santa Maria Lodge August 17, 2019
CNMA Golf tournament in Reno, Wednesday September 4, 2019.
If you are interested in participating in these, or other events, or serving on the
Sports Committee or just have questions please use the link below to contact
More information will be added here soon.
Charles Barber

California/Nevada Women of the Moose and Loyal Order of Moose Sports and Activities Committee Working Together

 We had a great conference in Reno just a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I have never been so been so proud as I was seeing the men and women come together for one cause.  I came into this conference hoping that we could raise $4000.00 for the middle school girls basketball uniforms at Mooseheart.  They were in need of 39 home and away uniforms as the current ones had run their course.  Being my first time as a state chairman I was optimistic but a little overwhelmed by the task at hand.  I had a very enthusiastic committee who were positive that would could achieve our goal.  They decorated a great booth we supplied a variety of raffle prizes. One committee person Katie Stone from Vacaville took one for the team and  wore a cheerleading outfit and encouraged people to participate in our mini golf activity. 

 The weekend went like this:

 The men's Sports and Activities Chairman Chuck Barber kicked us off by giving us $183.00 from their golf tournament.

Then the first day we raised about $1600.00 from chapter donations and raffle sales and our putting green activity.

By lunch the second day which was the last day to collect donations we were at about $2400 which was about $1600 short from our goal give or take.  I then sent a text message to the Association President Joe Rigazio asking for assistance from the men. About 2 hours later we visited the men's meeting and they presented us with $1,090.00 that they had collected from the Loyal Order of Moose members in the room and said the last $500 was on us.  I was thrilled. So I went back into the Women of the Moose meeting room made the announcement of what they men had just did and let them know we were just a little short of our goal.  Next thing I know co-workers just started coming up to the stage handing me hundreds, fifties, twenties, fives ,ones and checks. It was crazy!  Then someone yelled pass a basket. So they did, and they just started dumping money on our table.  In those 15 minutes we raised over $1,400.00. I have never seen anything like it.  I'm was so shocked I could hardly hold back the tears.  It just shows that the men and women of the Moose working together can accomplish anything. Gary Urwiler's response was "WOW, thank you so much" when we told him we had raised $5,140.38.

 I just wanted to be clear it was a joint effort by all of California/Nevada and want to give credit where credit is due. I'm excited to be working with Chuck Barber who is the men Sports and Activities Committee Chairman and I'm hoping that we can continue to contribute to the sporting activities at both Mooseheart and Moosehaven in the future.

 Dina Munday
California/Nevada WOTM Sports and Activities Chairman


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